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Help Discrimination Center - Foreigners Division LA

Who I am :

I'm Roberto Blasi an Italian Man, here in Italy my name is known to the majority of people for my national commitment for the defense of human rights and against the discrimination in general.

Always on the front line for the defense of human rights, discrimination and to help the weakest who have no voice.

Often on Italian national TVs and on the most prestigious magazines in defense of the weakest and to promote their causes, I actively participated in the Italian parliament with the honorable Monica Cirinnà to obtain the law on "civil unions".

My priority is to take advantage of my popularity to help those who are marginalized and live in a state of social marginalization and poverty, people who have been denied the basic principles of survival.

I took part in numerous demonstrations and marches advocating for Human rights and Agains the discrimination in general and I became a spokesperson on the news and in talk shows, giving for the first time a voice to those who don't.

American association also took part in my fight against discrimination, confirm their public support.





My interview on Italian National Television and magazines during the demostration in Rome against discrimination.

All information about me and my work activity can be found on my official website : or simply by typing my name and surname on Google.

Realize my Humanity Dream in Los Angeles :

For the past ten years of my life I have traveled and so stayed in Los Angeles for a long time and I got to know the city well and the people who live there. I was immediately impressed by the wealth that was breathed in this place: Beverly Hills,Santa Monica ,Bel Air, Malibu but in contrast also a lot of poverty and loneliness of many people.

The social divide in Los Angeles is impressive, a new thing for me that doesn't exist in Italy.

I found a submerged word of poor and lonely people in this immense city often ignored by the Government because to dispel the poverty of the origin countries live in illegality as illegal immigrants.

Often these people are marginalized and discriminated against for their social class, for their illegal status, for their religion and often for their sexual orientation.

Being in this situation and not receiving help often these people find themselves in the need to survive by committing illegal acts such as stealing, selling drugs, etc. etc.

To stop all this and remove these people from this wrong conception of life and existence they need help from people who can listen to them and help get on the right way.

In may all stays in Los Angeles I approached the Humanitarian Associations of the city with intent and passion of being able to help.

Among the many associations that I met, I got to know Lasting Impressions Center LA a no-profit organization with which I immediately started to actively collaborate and to plan collaboration and expansion.

I have been collaborating with them for years both when I am in Los Angeles and when I am in Italy organizing events and media marketing given my position as a known person by entertainment for my campaigns for human rights ( also LGBT discrimination )  and against abuse and bullying.

After years Los Angeles has become my second home, also because I have known there my soul mate for two years now and for all this, I decided to move permanently to California to carry on my humanitarian campaign and follow my love.

I'm obtaining the Artistic Visa 0-1 to be able to work legally in the United States, the whole Visa Process it was drafted by the Los Angeles Immigration Law Firm " Tosolini, Lamura LLP" 22809 Pacific Coast Hwy Malibu CA 90265.


These are just some of the promotions I made for italian media in humanitarian support to the activity of The Lasting Impressions of LA. Thought my knowledge in the italian showbiz I also involved famous people among many the famous Italian Actress Dalila di Lazzaro and the famous Italian singer Viola Valentino.

HELP ME  to make my dream came true.

My dream is to open a Help Center (a Charity no-profit organization ) in Inglewood LA for all foreign people living in Los Angeles who are victims of abuse and discrimination ( beaten and abused women, discriminate LGBT people, people who need help both psychological than material ). Many people in Los Angeles are foreigners and many times even for language problems they fail to assert their problems and their family or social issues. I would like to call it the " Los Angeles Help Center for foreigners people "   and I would like to manage it in close collaboration with the "Lasting Impression Organization ".

To accomplish all this I need some little financial help from everyone as unfortunately, I will not be able to cover all the necessary start-up costs with my finances only.

I thought of contacting you as you are a philanthropist who has a heart for humanitarian causes with the hope that in your possibilities you will be able to give me a hand in realizing this dream that I'm sure will help many poor people who have no voice.

I have already found a perfect place to make it located in Inglewood ( close other Human Associations ) which is surely one of the most problematic areas: 3546 W.85th Street Inglewood CA 90305.


The location identified in Inglewood

Additional documents and Bank

Below all the documents that concern me to give you the clearest transparency about me, real identity and my honesty  ( even if being a public person you can easily find everything about me on internet ).


Roberto Blasi - Passport

Roberto Blasi contact information :

Roberto Blasi - Driving License

Pass (2).jpg

Mobile : +39 3926243189

Official Website :

Bank Account :

Here are the bank details if you would like to make a donation for this project. Any amount is welcome, thanking you in advance for what you can do.


Roberto Blasi


Wire Transfer : if you wish to wire funds use the following account information :


BANK :Credito Valtellinese

ADDRESS : Via Orti della Farnesina 88 00194 Roma - ITALY

Account Number : IT26J0521603210000000001090

Swift Code : BPCVIT2S

Bank Details :

Bank: Credito Valtellinese

Address: Via Orti della Farnesina 88

City: Rome ( Italy )

Zipcode: 00194

Tel : +39 06-36381517

Bank Manager : Mr. Filippo Sammarco ( feel free to contact him if you need it )

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